Information for GPs

Referring a patient

If you are referring a patient to Prof. Berney, it is helpful to include an updated list of current medications, as many patients don’t necessarily remember all the names and dosage of their prescribed treatments. Similarly, recent blood tests, ultrasound or CT-scan imaging, as well as any other relevant information are always welcome.

Prof. Berney likes to keep a very close relationship with his referring GPs. He will be more than happy to contact you directly regarding the management plan of one of your patients, if requested.

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Urgent Enquiries

If you have an urgent enquiry regarding one of your patients, you can contact our rooms on (02) 9311 4044 or send us an email ([email protected]). Prof Berney or one of his colleagues will do their best to see any of your urgent referrals within 24-hours.

Patients with a private medical insurance will be directly admitted at Waratah Private Hospital and those who are uninsured will be transferred to Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital under Prof Berney’s care.

After-hours, you should send your patient to the closest Emergency Department. Prof Berney is the Head of Department of General Surgery at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital and he will be notified by the “on call” team if one of your patients requires urgent surgical attention, under his care.

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